Sidewalk Confessionals Ep.6 - Musicality

In this interview type confession, Caleb, Ryen and I talk about Music; How it’s influenced and inspired us, what kinds of music we like and would like to make, and recommend some great songs. Also, all the music referenced in this confession will be linked below.

We’re Auditory Omnivores...
— Ryen Cruz

Sidewalk Confessionals Ep.5 - Philosophical Astronomy

This episode pretty all over the place. Our conversation evolves from the basics of Astrology, to the greater implications of personal identity, to the philosophical meaning or reality and perception. Feel free to skip around throughout this episode, have a laugh here and there, and prepare to start thinking.

You took yourself out of the closet, and put yourself into a box.
— Jeremy Cruz

Sidewalk Confessionals Ep. 4 - Intro to Climbing

I had a plan for this week's confession, but we all know how well plans and life get along. Nevertheless, Caleb and I decided to seize a conversation as an opportunity to talk about what is becoming a bit of an obsession for me: Climbing. I myself am mostly into bouldering at the time, but there are many types of climbing; I discuss 3 in this episode.

Beefy seatbelts, people...
— Caleb Young